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Re: Mike's Mad Log


Christmas WOD
Home For the Holidays with the Girls
For Time

Eva’s House
800m Run
30 KBS, 40#
30 Pull Ups

Betty’s House
12 KB Push Press
20 Box Jumps, 20"

Diane’s House
KB Deadlifts, 40#
Pike Push Ups

Just like visiting family during the holidays, I used some other not so well know Girls.
Completed in 39:35

Circuit Training
Build a snowman aka Frosty.

50 KB Deadlifts+ 50 Squats formed the base
50 Sitt Ups for mid section
20 Push Ups for head
20 Dips for arms
20 Lunges for scarf
10 Sit Throughs for carrot nose
20 Ball Slams for eyes
5 Burpees for hat
2oom Run for pipe

I completed two rounds with 2 minutes rest between

Did some icing of my shoulder and applied Voltaren gel
Male/48/6'1"/205 lbs
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