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Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.

Didn't work out today but trained in the morning. Can't wait till I can start making open gym in Davis.

Ended up tumbling while waiting for the train while it was late. Bored and refused to just sit there. Haven't done so on grass in a long time and landing the butterfly's was interesting.

I want to attempt HSPU on wall and PB right now but I think I may just do it tomorrow after attempting 3-5 rounds of 100 and 200's with 400 pose-ish.

I think next time I go to the market I'm going to switch to eating milk, eggs, yogurt, bananas, apples, oranges, pears. I try to stay away from the potatoes. I'll buy some lettuce, carrots, celery, cucumber, spinach, radish. Shouldn't cost much at all and milk will be a staple of it for fat. It's very cheap per serving, with precious fat and calories and protein. Mainly this is due to cost. Perhaps can afford a bottle of fish oil. I can probably intake a lot more calories, protein and fat per day at a cheap cost with some meat in there somewhere too.
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