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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

sore left elbow and back from grinding and hiking on the rail. Today had to train the group for functional movements.

5 rounds
500 meter row
10 alternating pistols

14.30 most of the rounds were 2 min per row.. only failed on 3 pistols. Considering 2 weeks ago I could not do even one RX now did 50 reps very proud. Next time should be able to do sub 13 with slightly faster rows, being better at pistols.. less transition time also.

Ate way too much sugar this weekend. Back on the no sugar diet again. Need to get back to 175 lbs.. now sitting 3 + lbs.

Powerclean and snatch practice tomorrow. AM row.. also doing my PT with Dr. Jim Wagner.
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