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Re: Exercise Associated Hyponatremic Encephalopathy, Gatorade and the ACSM

Originally Posted by Russell Greene View Post

As best I can tell, your disagreement is not factual but personal. Gatorade's promotion of flawed hydration science and the deaths and sickness that followed do not bother you.

While I disagree, I doubt there's a logical means by which I can convince you to care about deaths from over-drinking.
In the same form of "Coach's" response thread, you've retorted with insulting my intelligence and capacity for understanding.

While deaths from faulty data are tragic, I don't think the format in which you're fighting this "war" is productive, or ethical. Coach's arguement here is passing off that the ACSM/Gatorade are STILL promoting hyperhydration, which just isn't true.

I don't care who does the research, and have no personal interest in Gatorade, Crossfit, Coach, yourself, the ACSM, or any other dog in this fight. What I DO, however, find insulting to the intelligence of these readers, is that you'll come in and propose that the ACSM is guilty of ignoring evidence, when Matt Thomas produced evidence that the ACSM published information A YEAR PRIOR TO DR. NOAKES publication of "Waterlogged" that retracted and updated its previous stance. Comparing the "best information at hand" that a research group published 30yrs ago to "the best information at hand" today, and seeing a discrepancy like this suggests to me that they've made an effort to correct a past mistake.

Sure, maybe I'm not aware of other injustices that the ACSM has made to lie to the public, but this is not one of them. However, you are lying by implying that they ARE intentionally misleading the public into over-drinking.

I don't care which side wins, as long as the true science reaches the people that need it. But for your arguement aimed at taking down Gatorade and dethroning the ACSM, find a new arguement, because the battle of over-hydration recommendations is lost.

Originally Posted by Russell Greene View Post
I can only ask you this:

Knowing that the ACSM has promoted flawed hydration science, funded by Gatorade, that led to the deaths of at least a dozen and thousands of cases of hyponatremia, do you think the ACSM should continue to enjoy its place of authority in American exercise science?

Having committed such a base error, on what basis can the ACSM justify its continued existence?
There may be (debatably ARE) other things that might cause me to villify the ACSM/Gatorade, but publishing "best information at hand", then retracting it and updating it when new "best information at hand" becomes available, No, I'm not going to hold that agaisnt them.

As I mentioned before, I recognize that products generate revenue, and research costs money, so by default, research will ALWAYS be funded by corporations like Gatorade, that have vested interests in the outcome of testing. If it's not Gatorade, then it'll be one of their competitors. I can say with confidence that it won't be a private, non-profitting organization.
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