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Question Leg Stabilizer Muscle Imbalance/Weakness

This past weekend I met up with my brother-in-law for an ice-climbing trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He is an experienced climber and hiker and has been on a few trips this season already. As for me, it was my first trip and I hadn't done any real hiking to train for it. I figured since I Crossfit (for about 6 months now) I should be fine. I've also done my fair share of humps courtesy of the Marines. I'd never hiked in deep snow before. About a mile and a half into the approach, wobbling and post-holing the entire time, I started getting fierce cramps on the lower, inner thigh. I assume this was the sartorius muscle or some of the other adductors. After that started, we turned around and the cramping continued and I had to stop frequently. I was not out of breath (some on the ascent, but not at all on the descent) and my quadriceps felt fine. We rested for the night and the next day we did some climbing in a cascade (minimal slogging) and I felt fine all day)

3 questions:
1) Am I right about it being the sartorius?
2) Could I be doing something wrong with my Crossfit lifts that caused this?
3) What exercises can I include in my workout to correct this? I am thinking plia(sp?)/crossover lunges and diagonal lunges.

Sorry for the long intro, thanks in advance for any input.
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