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Re: How long should you trust your "PR" as a gauge for scaling?

Originally Posted by Katherine Derbyshire View Post
What Eric said. If a six-month old PR is still accurate, you're doing something wrong.

Now, for the purposes of scaling, I think it's fine to estimate your true 1RM from a 5RM or max triple.

What's your strength programming like and why don't you have a more recent PR?

Yeah, I would hope I'm getting stronger. On the other extreme, there's no need to do a CFT every week. Is there a happy medium when one should look to get a measured result. Now that's not just in strength movements. I'm also talking about the broad spectrum of CF metcon movements.

For my strength program, currently, I try to do a lift on day 2 of the three day block. On that day I do either deadlift, squat, bench, c2b pull-up or press. So a once through on my cycle would be 5 blocks or twenty days total. Two cycles will be power lifts and the third cycle a 5-3-1.

So far I've cycled through five lifts twice doing 10 sets of 2 at 75%. This cycle will by the 5-3-1 at 75, 85 and 95%. Yeah, a mix of west side and 5-3-1. I even subtracted the 10% from my last known 1rm. I'll just adjust my estimated 1rm based on results of this cycle.

I've backed off trying to always find 1rm's due to working out alone alot. Yeah it's easy to get a spot for a bench. However, it's harder to get a good person to tell me what I'm doing wrong when squatting or deadlifting. Basically, because there's no good reason I can give at the moment.
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