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Originally Posted by Blair Robert Lowe View Post
On my last WL max out that I peaked for (I was going to go to a meet but opted not to because of $$$), I had imbibed around 745mg. No, I didn't have any problems crashing out nor did I feel like my heart was going to explode or have a high HR.

I used CM during the summer with Beta-Alanine and Creatine but found the first two to not be worth it. Then again, I WL. Some of the documentation shows that BA is only worth it for much higher reps and the same is possibly true for CM.

Light days: Diet cola which is 20-30mg. Also on off days so I don't have to deal with caffeine withdrawal but is far less than training days.

Medium days: Rockstar (they're cheap at WinCo) which are 140mg. Sometimes a diet cola when I wake up.

Heavy as all get out days: Diet cola, Rockstar otw, pop a 100/200mg caffeine tablet (I only found the 200 at Winco the other day). Sometimes generic excedrin which is 65mg each, so 1 or 2 depending how much I ache.

Meet days. All the caffeine. My buddy likes Spike from TNation but the Yohimbe is no bueno for me as I get nausea from that.

I generally drink the 0 cal energy drinks though sometimes you can't find 0 cal redbull around and have to go with the one that has 3g of carbs.


Yeah, I liked the white can rockstar but the carbonation was hard to chug. Need something quick to drink for early morning training. I've also had Bang which taste like a rockstar with the carbonation but is twice the caffeine and has creatine. But again, just can't drink it that quickly. Pretty pricey too.
Carbonation doesn't bother you at all?
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