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The importance of 3 in 3x5

Hey all,

I do CFFB Amateur program and I've noticed that I can increase weight on my lift each week, but that I can't hit it for all three sets. Clearly, if someone can hit 3x5 at a certain weight s/he is stronger than someone who can hit that weight 1x5. However, for training adaptations, when you hit a PR in a strength program, exactly how important is it that you do 3x5 as opposed to just getting a 5RM PR for one set?

For example today I PRed on my 5RM for bench and I did 2x5 and 1x3 since I failed on the fourth rep of the last set.

My goal is to get stronger. More specifically, I want a double BW deadlift. Here are my stats and lifts:

22 yo male, 6'0 tall, 176#.
Squat: 270x5
Press: 135x5
Deadlift: 325x5
Bench: 200x5 (possibly 205 but for one set only)
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