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JD's CrossFit Chronicle

Hi Everybody,
I'm going to start recording everything and wanted to start out with a tiny story.

I've been doing CF for about 4 months. I actually started working out August 1st of 2007.

Right around the time I started working out I was headed down the wrong road...drinking 5 days per week, smoking, chewing and eating horribly almost every meal. I had a Dr.'s appointment that kind of scared me. I had high BP, Triglycerides, cholesterol, borderline diabetic, and at 5 ft 7 in tall, weighing in at almost 250 I thought I had to make a change.

I think this log will help me stay on track as well as helping others that were in a similar situation as myself, stay positive and get on the road to better health.

I have a marginally athletic background, I wrestled in HS and played baseball but was never a "jock". I don't have a cool job that requires me to be in shape either. I just needed to do something different...forever.

With a family history of cancer (Mom) and pancreatitus (Dad) I felt that this needed to be a full lifestyle change and couldn't be a fad...I almost looked at it as if my life depended on it!

In addition to starting CrossFit I have quit smoking, limited drinking to 1 day per week (sometimes 2 and sometimes 0) depending on the circumstances. I'm eating a lot better and am currently reading the Zone book.

This evening I will post my workouts since April. I'm down about 50 lbs of fat since August of '07. In additon to CF I run at least one 5 K per week and when I don't make it to the affiliate I still go to globo and do skill work. I obtained my Level 1 cert in July and I'm having a blast!

I would also like to thank everybody at MotorCity CrossFit as well! What a great group!!

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