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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Wednesday and third day in a row.. Different plan for today... some tech work and then some heavy work... not allot of reps but high quality lifts.

Warm up
3 min row nice and easy 2min/500m pace wife slightly slower.

Stretch and mobility to get ready for part 1.

Part 1 15min or so
The wife and i split up for this part.. she did ring pulls while i worked on HSPU tech.

Wife varied her stance and footing to change the load and pulling effect. At the end when she went back to her normal position it was way to easy, she just flew up.. so she has become stronger and progressed allot over time.

Myself... i have not worked on my HSPU tech for 3-4 weeks which is not good as there is a good chance they will turn up in the open. I was very rusty from the start and i had problems gettign vertical... not enough drive... sorted that out and could hold the vertical position quite easy. Still find it hard to just have my heels against the wall... that superman position is tough. Did a number of strict negative hand stands... nice and controlled all the way down... felt good after that.... allot more practice required.

Part 2 Squat cleans x9 singles
So today the idea is to complete 9 single squat cleans and whatever weight you like over as much time as you like.

Warm up, stretch and then decide from what weight we wanted to start from. Technique is priority, pull yourself under the bar as fast as possible and drive those elbows forward ensuring we caught the bar in the optimal rack position.

By only completing singles and having a break in between also meant we could reset, focus and reapeat allot easier.

1 - 20kg
2 - 25kg
3 - 27kg
4 - 29kg
5 - 32kg
6 - 34kg
7 - 37kg
8 - 39kg/86lbs (93% of 1rm)
9 - 39kg fail - thinking way to much at the time.

Nice and solid and she felt better over time. Very quick under the bar and 2 very good pulls.

1 - 60kg
2 - 65kg
3 - 70kg
4 - 75kg
5 - 80kg
6 - 86kg
7 - 93kg
8 - 100kg/220lbs (95% of 1rm)
9 - 80kg

Very pleased with today and really had time to focus. the 100kg lift was so solid and no energy wasted as i pulled myself under the bar as quickly as i could and caugt the bar perfect at the bottom.

Cool down
clean up and stretch for 20min or so

that was that for today... 17.4 on Friday morning
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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