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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Wednesday morning and feeling great... totally the opposite for the wife... she was really tired this morning. I think i felt good because i took a power snooze on the soffa for 45min last night.

So the plan for today was snatch and nothing else... technique and quality.

Warm up
1k row, nice and easy.. 4min pace for me and 5min pace for the wife.
Allot of mobility and stretch of everything to get going.

Then onto light power snatches, shoulder presses, snatch balance, squats... from there we started snatch.

To enable the wife to get the best feeling for the snatch she used a light barbell and did 1 hang power squat snatch and then a full snatch. After a number of reps she went to snatch only. She increased the weight to 20kgs and we started to work on the finer details.

We got her starting position in place, then her first pull... i also noticed via the filming that she did not move her knees out of the way... tried to get her to think about that too... then it was too much, too much to think about. Took it back a step and she hit a few good reps. I told her it is not how many reps you perform, reset your mind, rest in between and then do the reps as best you can. She is in a rush sometimes and she looses it a little.

20kgs/44lbs for allot of reps.

As for myself:
Technique ensuring eash and every rep is the same, or hoping for it. Started at 40kgs, felt really good, solid at the bottom and getting under the bar nice and low. Moved to 50kgs and also hit a number of good reps and the bar felt so light.. This is when i knew the technique must be getting there. Moved to 60kgs and things are really good, resting between reps to clear my head. Completed maybe 5 or 6 really good solid reps on that. Wife filmed me on one of them and there is 1 small thing to look at but otherwise very solid. Moved up to 65kgs, getting tired and lossing a little focus, fail and then 1 more fail... i hit the bottom position but was off balance so i let it go.

Back to 40kgs... treated every rep as if they per PR attempts... no sush... solid, solid solid... 6 almost identical reps.

In total we did 1hr on snatch

Cool down
Clear up our mess and stretch for 20min.

A good day but mostly taxing on the brain, trying to keep that focus.

Thats it for know.... rest day tomorrow and back for the open on Friday morning.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.

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