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Re: Tommy Dee's - In the making

Ok didn't post for a month because I hurt my left knee badly at Judo. Couldn't walk for two weeks.. Just started back crossfit 2 days ago. I feel like I've been lazy for an whole month but that's a reason to kicking my *** harder in the workouts



Decided to try Fran for my comeback. Yeah a little gift from me to me

89lbs Thrusters(yeah yeah i know subb'd)

Time: About 9 mins, my watch stopped when i was thrustering so i added like a minute to the clock but it stopped less than that I guess. Anyway lesson learned, will not wear my watch when pressing something overhead :P

Feeling: I was feeling kinda dizzy after the workout, pukie wasnt going to come out but everything was spinning around me and I couldn't focus on anything straight. I just layed on the ground for a good 5 minutes but was still feeling wierd, that awkward feeling dissipated about 15 minutes later. Liked it.

Cooldown: played badminton for an hour. medium-paced.


My legs were still sore from Fran. I felt like a metcon need.

25x Burpees
15x BW Squat(155lbs even if my BW was ~170) yeah i know
Max rounds for 20 mins

Score: 3 rounds + 5 squats. Not bad but didn't go as low as I wanted on the squats. Didn't want to feel my knee because it's still hurting a bit when i'm crouching. Did go to parrallel tho. Burpees were the burners, I was sweating like a pig on the floor and I guess the guy leg pressing looking at me next to me was feeling guilty to not even dripping a sweat. Funny :P

Feeling: My legs were hurting like crazy but and I was walking like a penguin to get out of the gym. But eh, no pain, no gain.

Cooldown: 20 mins low-pace crawl swimming, praticing technique, yeah I need some pratice at swimming.
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