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Tommy Dee's - In the making

So yeah, I decided to finally start a training log. Some time have passed since I found this site and it really changed my life. I don't have impressive english writing skills but since this site gave me so much, I guess it is my duty to write my journey and if one person can find some motivation in my words, than I would have done my job. I will surely look at these early posts in some years :P


I'm currently 20 years old and this is my story. In high school, I was really out of shape. I did like the 2 last years doing almost no sports at all. In fact, I was a 5'8, 120 lbs nerdy kid, passing almost all my free time in front of my pc, playing videos games.. zombie-like. I graduated and finally found something I'd like to do in my life. I wanted to be a police officer. The steps to be a policeman in my province, you need to be attend 3 years at college, studying police technology. After that, you need to get in a more pratical school for like fifteen weeks, a national police school, so you can finally work as a policeman in Quebec.

Anyway, so i decided to get to work and I did as almost everyone else and gone the bodybuilding way for almost 2 years. I was not very motivated and didn't feel like I was in the best shape I could get. I heard about Crossfit in late 2008, on car forums I was crawling at the time and I decided to take a look. I didn't really understand what that was all about and I took like a week just gathering information about "what crossfit was". Read the FAQ, read some testimonials and lots of articles. It was about the same goals as mine, so I decided to give it a try. My first workout was, if I remember correctly, Cindy. WODS passed by and I had a hard time following up at the beggining but damn I was hooked. I started some Judo at almost the same time. After like 2 months I really started to feel I was in a good shape but then, it happened. I got hurt a at judo, a foot injury and I stopped working out for like 2 months.

Motivation was getting low about training and I finished my second years of college without working out. Summer time was about working 4pm to 12pm evening shifts but I was teamed with a boy my age, now a good friend of mine and he was pretty bulky. He trained for football and MMA so yeah we talked a lot about training techs and that was all I needed to get the motivation to come back. I had bought Starting Strength and tried it for like 3 weeks before getting injured. I wanted to try it again to get some mass. I started SS(gomading) at 143lbs and finally got to 160lbs, with some stummy fat. I was feeling stronger but kinda out of shape cardio-wise. I did crossfit again but I had not the cardio I had before. I decided to SS again to get a bit bigger before coming back full-time to Crossfit. I hit 170lbs pretty easily getting stronger all the time and not really that fat, I guess I can lose like 2 or 3 pounds of fat. My goal was to hit 185 and cut down to like 175 but I was missing crossfit so much...!, and I will get some time to bulk again before the national police school in like 2 years from now.

Well here I am. Prepared and motivated to hit Crossfit workouts again and if I stop updating this log, I'd have failed to reach my goal.
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