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Re: Nutrition Discussion Help

Originally Posted by Chris Shaffer View Post
Hello there.
I am new to the world of CrossFit and the Zone and Paleo.
However I am a firm believer in it. I ran across this article and was sharing it with my one of my friends as I thought it was very informative. I was wondering if someone could help me craft a response for my friend who seems to think an athlete can eat whatever they want and that this article is all BS. I don't want to start an argument, but I don't have the knowledge to at least rebut some of his comments. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

Here is the link:

And here is my friend's response to the article:

Some/a lot of this is BS. Fat, like anything that has calories makes you fat only if you consume more calories than you burn. It doesn’t matter if these calories come from fruits, nuts, grains, protein or sugar. Again, sugar makes you fat IF it is part of a diet where you ingest more calories than you burn. And, no, grains are not just sugar in brown paper. If anything fruits have much more sugar in them (that’s why they’re sweet). Oh yeah, and the Guiness he talks about has a ton of calories, but unlike most food it doesn’t fill you; in fact, most people are hungrier after drinking beer. Hence the term beer belly. And it’s incorrect saying that working out will not counteract eating a lot of calories (he calls that poor nutrition, but that’s what he means). Look at Phelps or the Tour de France riders. They consume on the order of 10,000 calories a day and stay fit/skinny. Again, it comes to how much you consume and how much you burn.
Ah the old calories in versus calories out debate that has been beaten to death about 400000000000000000000000 times on this forum. This argument isn't one worth getting into.

But if you is some firepower (all WFS):

Good Calories, Bad Calories
More Gary Taubes
Why a calorie isn't always a calorie
A calorie and the law of thermodynamics

Otherwise this debate is a proverbial
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