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Re: Help.... :'( - FOLLOW UP

Just saw this thread. Very interesting.

What most people don't seem to understand about chiropracters is that while they are great at what they do, do good work, and there is definitely a place for them, you have to understand fundamentally what they are doing to the joints they are manipulating.

If you are getting joint manipulation, the chiro, or PT, is taking that joint to it's absolute end physiologic end range (as opposed to anatomic, which would just result in injury), and then shoving that joint THROUGH that end range.

If you start with hypOmobile joints, manipulation may be necessary, but if you continue to receive manipulation over a long period of time, you actually may end up with hypERmobile joints, which (it sure sounds like) is what happened to you.

Continuing to manipulate (esp. without functional stabilization of the structures in question) will only make the problem worse.

Looks like you may have found out the hard way. . .
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