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Re: Help.... :'( - FOLLOW UP

So, after being in pain since July, a round of Anaprox, flexoril and lastly atasol 30's, from chiropractors to massage therapists, acupuncturists and finally a physiotherapist..

I'm recovering. Finally.

The physiotherapist noticed that my ribs and spine were clicking and moving about.. Her thoughts... Hyper mobility in the area..

Slowly but surely she's guided me back to exercise, starting off with just pulldowns and seated rows and embarassingly light weight... When the kineseologist first took me in to do seated pulldowns with 40lbs, she asked if it was too heavy... I proudly told her I could do a 400lb deadlift..

So, my current course is now to slowly start adding exercises I'm jumping rope, pulldowns, seated rows, burpees, etc...

The other day I did a circuit round followed by 3 sets of light deadlifts (135), last night a round of light squats (135), and finished off with a 135 clean-n-jerk... It feels good to be alive again.

Granted, stairs are not my friend today.

Thanks for all who sent me messages!

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