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Help.... :'(

OK, here's the story.... I'm in racks of pain and tried almost all of it... And am a step from the looney bin if I can't get rid of it...

I have ribs in the left side of my back that require adjustment by a chiropractor. They kind of slip out from time to time and the chrio adjusts them and I'm best kind....


About 4 weeks ago, I had them adjusted and I immediately went into spasm. It was aggravating but I put up with it for a few days before calling her. She adjusted me a couple times more, and on the second adjustment there was a huge snap, and the spasms stopped...

The next day it came back with a vengeance, I could barely move... I was awoke at 4am with vicious spasms, rolling around on the floor, doing what I could to make it stop... It calmed a little so I could get into my MD at 8:30am... She prescribed me Anaprox for the pain and flexoral for the spasms. Those drugs did nothing as perscribed for 3-4 days, so I started double dosing to see if that would help. No difference... Constant spasms..

My chiropractor had at this point gone back to med school and had sold her practice... So I went and saw the one who replaced her.. She wouldn't touch my ribs, and really did no adjusting to me... No releif, so I went on the hunt again.

I tried acupuncture and while I was getting the treatment, I felt really good, and started "dreaming while awake", but as soon as I got dressed after the treatment the spasms came back...

So I made an appointment with a chiropractor and massage therapist who are upby my house... The chiro guy gave me a full adjustment and it felt really good, but I stood up, and the pain came back, he said the rib keeps slipping out.

They had a massage therapist there, so I made an appointment with her as well, and same deal, felt really good as she did her work, but after the spasm came back.

2 days ago I stopped taking the anaprox and flexoral.. It wasn't helping me anyway...

Now, after seeing the new chiro guy twice and the massage therapist 3 times, the pain is changing, it's not as bad, it still wakes me up at night, but not like it used to...

Now, at this very second it feels like a knife in my back by the vertebrae, and I get a spasm/tingle between my ribs, that carries right under my arm and to my front left pectoral.. It feels at time as if someone is pushing in on my chest and back at the same time... It's almost like a tingle and then pressure on my pec.

If anyone out there has any thoughts, please help me.. I'm miserable, and haven't worked out in over a month.. :'(
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