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Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Warm Up
Crocodile Breathing
Off Knees Quadruped Neck Nods
90/90 Hip Switch
Foot Elevated SL Glute Bridge
Open Half Kneeling Ankle Mob
Heel Sit Quadruped T-Spine Overhead Reach on Roller
Off Knees Quadruped Rock to Squat

10 Turkish Get Ups (5 each side) 53#

Quick and the Dead
10 kettlebell Swings 0-1 53#
10 kettlebell Swings 1-2
Rest 2-3
10 push ups 3-4
10 push ups 4-5
Rest 5-6
5 times through

5 x 5 goblet squats on the 2 minutes. 53#

A few additional PT exercises.

Yesterday I completed the Functional Movement Screen at POP. The physical therapist (Tim) took me through 7 tests. He said I scored very high but found some deficits. My calves are very tight. He gave me exercises to complete and will work on them when I visit. He also gave me some shoulder exercises to do. Additionally, he suggested doing doing the Paloff Press for rotational strength. We also talked a lot about people in the field and his biggest influencers. We read a lot of the same books and articles. It was a good experience and will have it completed yearly. I could do it myself now but having that trained eye is always helpful.
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