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Re: I can't take it anymore

At the risk of sounding critical, you've only been training for 6 weeks. What did you expect to happen? You said the goal of doing SS was to build mass. You've gained 14lbs, which is a lot in my book.

Just because your t-shirt muscles aren't looking as pretty as you expected, you're going to give up a proven mass and strength building programme that's already given you results?

Building mass is hard work. It won't be easier doing another programme my friend. My advice, for what it's worth, is to stick with the program, question why you're so preoccupied with ego-muscle and so unrealistically impatient.

(Oh, just seen your age. The impatience becomes clear, I was exactly the same at 15, when i startwed training. Keep doing SS and crossfit, by the time you hit 18, you'll be a lot bigger, and all this 15 year old angst will be SO yesterday. Patience is a virtue. Are oyu stronger than many of your friends?)

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