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Originally Posted by Joe Wright View Post
Just a quick question here for those of you squatting heavy a couple times a week. I last squatted Friday for GSLP, and I'm supposed to go in today as well. After my Friday set, I've had some consistent soreness in my hip. It's not serious pain, but it's tender and I feel it while walking, and raising my leg above my waist is a little painful.

I'm guessing I just need to stretch out my ankles more effectively, do more couch stretches, pwo stretches, etc. to get it feeling better.

I know answering this question for me personally is impossible, and that pain is highly subjective. In general, do other folks go under the bar and squat heavy when feeling less than 100%?
100% I've squatted heavy many times when feeling less than 100%
Generally that "less" feeling was due to sickness,lack of sleep,soreness,knee discomfort and even pulled hamstring from 100m sprints.Each time I go into the gym with the idea that I'll start warming-up for the squat and if something doesn't feel right I just call it a far I have never called it a day.

I'm far from expert but my advice is get under the bar,see how it feels and your body will tell you what to do.
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