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Keegan Yentsch
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Hello David,

I have been working on the planche and front lever progressions for quite some time now. I am currently working on the advanced tuck planche and straddle front lever.

As you stated the jump between progressions is huge. I had a very similar experience as you when I tried to progress from the frog stand to the tuck planche. The same thing occured when I tried to progress from the tuck planche to the advanced tuck planche.

My question to you really applies to both holds (the planche and front lever). My question is; how close to failure do you usually train. I know I tried using the 1/2 maximal time hold method, but seemed to really stagnate while doing so. In fact, even though I practiced doing this for well over 12 weeks, I didn't really see any improvement in my maximal hold time.

I'm wondering if you are still working to near failure, or if you are using the 1/2 maximal hold time method.

Also, you said that you were doing 60 attempts through the day with "good" rest between. Do you mean that you are "greasing the groove" with the attempts, or are you doing straight sets? If you are doing straight sets, how long do you rest between sets?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Also, good luck to you too Kevin. Stick with these exercises, they take a long time to master, but also pay off substantially.

Good training,

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