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Re: What are you going to work on for 2016

Cutting weight. This should make all BW stuff MUCH easier, hahah. Even if I don't go back to my peak gymnastics weight (67-68kg/under #150). I'm focusing on getting back to 73kg/#160ish. I hit 77 during a cut but train around 80+. This will mean a change in programming and diet (aka not a grind into the mud WL cycle, eat for maintenance to survive it).

Squat #500. If I can squat HB ATG 200kg, I think I could make a run for a PL parallel #500/227 for fun.

Pretty much same goals I had for 2014 since most of them did not get met.

Either do the Open WOD's when I'm not beat to heck from WL or not do it all. This will depend on schedule and I won't be setting that until after a WL meet in Early January.
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