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...because Im better than you!

So my friend who is a body builder got a front desk job at a local globo gym and he always use to call me over because he was bored and while I was there I used their barbells to practice my oly lifts. So one day I decided to try "fran" at the gym and he decided to watch and count for me, after I was done at (13min 56 sec) and laying on the ground gasping for air he decided to talk trash saying things like "I cound do that rutine in 5min" or "you should start working for aesthetics you would be happier" "bro! that is not hard". So one day out of the blue while Im working on my Oly lifts at the same gym he rudely interupts me and decides to take a crack at "fran", we didnt have a watch so he interupts a lady who is on a treadmill to ask for her watch. So we set up the barbell we get near the pull up bar and is 3,2,1, GO!!!! He flew through the first 21 push presses and he went to the pull ups and flew through the too... to make the long story short he never finished "Fran" its more like "Fran" finished him and he was introduced to "peuke" for the first time still to this day every time he talks crap about him being better than me I allways bring it up. LOL

Sonny R.
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