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Re: Improving the FS drastically

I freaking love this community!

Getting so much insight and different pov's really gives me a lot of different approaches.

@Andrew - We mostly do short explosive workouts (not sure if this is called metcon, still very new to the crossfit lingo) like for instance, our workout tuesday was 1min on, 1min off of 30 k/b swings doing 7 rounds. And then 5 rounds of 5 deadlifts @120kg and 10 burpees for time. Very short but intensive workouts.

@John - Thanks John, sounds like a very interesting method I would really consider trying.

@Steve - Thanks Steve, I will try out the one leg exercise to check if one of my legs could be the weak point.

@David - David, I'm leaning more to your point as this really does seem likely. I've always hated front squats and loved back squats and never knew why. Because I can back squat more does this not automatically mean that it is not a leg problem? All my lifts/presses are way better compared to my clean and front squat, which obviously led me to think that something is wrong. I think it might be a core issue. The reason why I think so is that the front squat is REALLY uncomfortable and I never had a strong core, can't even do a decent L-situp. What core exercise did you do? I will check if I can get a video posted this weekend of both my squat and clean.

Really thanks guys, Crossfit would be nothing without this amazing community.

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