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Re: Improving the FS drastically

I donít think you need to front squat more. With your lifts as out of whack as they are I'm willing to bet that you have a specific, identifiable, weakness. Most of your body is plenty strong so to bring this lift into line you need to find the localized part(s) that ISN'T strong, and focus on that.

Why do I think this? Because I was in the same boat. After more than 6 months of no progress on my front squat I adjusted my training and 2 months later hit a big 25, should have been 35, lb all time front squat PR. It went up more than any other lift of mine in that time despite doing almost NO front squatting (I did hang squat cleans twice and front squatted once in the two months leading up to that PR). The difference was working the weak point an experienced coach pointed out to me.

More detail, since my above account sounds sketchy: From December through April my front squat with a belt was around 300 lbs (hit 305 in Feb, missed 300 in April) and felt terrible. Squat cleans felt awful. I back squatted 385-395 lbs and felt like I should be better at front squats. Nothing improved until I visited Coach Rick Scarpullaís gym and he started helping me a lot more with programming and my lifts. He immediately identified that I needed way more core work. WAY more. The torso collapsing, back rounding (like I knew happened most in my front squats and squat cleans) was an ab problem he said. So I started programming ab and/or core stability work 4 days/week. With better programming all lifts were going up now in 5 or 10# jumps until I maxed front squats. Was blown away at an EASY 330, (WFS). Iím confident I would have gotten 340 if I hadnít jumped right to 350. Suddenly staying upright wasn't very hard and I didn't collapse. The lift didn't feel terrible. My gains on front squat were basically triple my other lower body gains, despite very little front squatting because, unlike my backsquat or deadlift, my front squat had a main identifiable weakness that, once attacked, made a HUGE difference.

Your power clean and deadlift show us that MOST of you is plenty strong enough to front squat a lot more. Get us a video and see if we can find the few parts that arenít. If we can properly identify that weakness and you hit it HARD your lift should come in line and a lot faster than if you just try to front squat your way out of this problem.
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