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Improving the FS drastically

Hi Everyone,

I have finally decided to post something on this forum, hoping to grow part of this community in the coming years.

I started Crossfit about 3 years ago, did it for a year and then stopped. Eventually started again this year, around April. Can't say how much I've missed it. At the moment it's one of the most entertaining aspects in my life.

Anyways, the one and only problem I have at the moment is my front squats/squat clean. For some reason I just suck at it. I enjoy the back squat more and am able to do more as well. What I really want to know is, what are the best assistance workouts for front squats/squat cleans? I'm looking to focus on only this for the next few weeks to improve my fs/clean.

22 y, 98kg, 1.86m

Power clean = 110kg
Squat clean = 80kg
Front squat = 80kg
Deadlift = 180kg
PP = 100kg

Thanks in advance!
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