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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Friday Friday Friday looking forward to today as i have a plan and the wife did know know anything until after the warm up.

Warm up
1km on the row

general allround warm up with a light stretch and PVC pipe work. All in all 25min i would say.

So she found out
Now that the open is over we can have fun for a while so i thought we would have the 1 minute challenge .

Rules - Taking turns we get to decide what both of us were going to do for 1 min, you also set the premises for the minute - for time, for reps, for distance....

The fun thing about this is the neither of us want to loose , so it is game on.

Round 1 - Medball - from ground to over shoulder 20/10kgs
Wife - 15
Myself - 23

Wife said her hands slipped after 30 seconds on every rep making it difficult..

Round 2 - Du/Su's - for Reps
Wife - 140 (Su)
Myself - 102 (DU)

Wife tripped 3 times and i went unbroken for the minute.

Round 3 - Sit-ups - for reps
Wife - 23
Myself - 26

Just grind it out.

Round 4 - Wallballs - for reps 9/6kgs
Wife - 30
Myself - 30

Difficult to do more than 30 in 1 minute

Round 5 - KB Farmers walk - for distance front racked position 2x20/10kgs
Wife - 100 meters
Myself - 100 meters

The wife tried to burn past me on the final 10 seconds... NO WAY!!!!!

Round 6 - Walking lunges - for distance (7.5 meter lengths) holding 2x8/16kgs KBs
Wife - 24 meters
Myself - 29 meters

This was a burner and got the hammies going

Round 7 - push ups - for reps
Wife - 13
Myself - 31

Wife is now doing proper push ups

Round 8 - Row - for distance
Wife - 249 meters
Myself - 316 meters

Lungs had to work for this

Round 9 - bar Hold - hang from pull up bar for time, if you let go thats your time
Wife - held for full minute
Myself - held for full minute

Easy one this one, little grippy

Round 10 - KB swings - for reps 12/20kgs
Wife - 29
Myself - 32

Wife thought she had me on this one until i wrote down my score

A lot of fun and laughter today plus trash talking... who cares if we are married, i still want to win just as she wants to win

Cool Down
stretch and chat with peeps for 20min

That was that for this week, back Monday
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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