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Lonewolf in Norway needs a review

I'm writing this in hope that someone will give me some feedback on my training one way or the other. I started crossfit 6 months ago at 163 lbs. I'm now at 182. I'm 6 feet tall. No, I've not become fat, just a lot stronger! My goal is to reach regionals in 2014, and my vision is the games.

I'm 20 years old and live in a town south in Norway, where very few people have ever heard of crossfit. Most of the knowledge I've consumed is either from or the journal. I've never been to an affiliate before. I watched the europeen regionals in Denmark this year and was instantly hooked by then. I ordered some rogue equipment from Finland and built my own garage gym when I got home.

Usually I workout 1,5-2 hours every day except on Sundays. And this time consists of: technique training (Mostly trying to master double unders), strength training (DL/press/BP/squat) and in the end a metcon. Also I use the foam roller daily.

When it comes to sleep and food, I try to sleep 8-9 hours a day. I do not drink alcohol, and I think my calories intake in a day is at 3-4kcal. I'm not measuring any food. I eat when I'm hungry and try to get some protein in every meal.

6 months ago I didn't know what a snatch was; now I'm snatching 70 KG (154 lbs according to Google)
DL is at 160 KG (353lbs) thatís all the weight I've got in my garage, did 2 reps at this.
Strict press: 70 KG (154)
Front/back squat: 110KG/130KG (242)/(286)
Bench press: 100KG (220)
Clean: 100 KG (220)
Fran is done in 4:45 (puked after this, even though I'm 6 months into crossfit)

My snatch is the same as my strict press, which means I lack a lot of technique, but it's hard to get a trainer when you're living 65-70 miles away from an affiliate. I manage all the standard movements in crossfit to a degree (muscle-ups, HSPU etc. not a problem). Snatch and squat clean are something that could be significantly improved. And I'm still struggling with DU.

So what I'm basically asking for here is if anyone would be kindly enough to give me some feedback and tell me what you think of my routine. If something should be done other ways, please enlighten me! I had no athletic background like gymnastic etc before I started crossfit. Now I'm doing almost as many strict HSPU as my friend who've been doing gymnastics for 8 years.

Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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