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Custom shoes - your logo on Olympic weightlifting shoes

First post, have been lurking for a little bit. Great info here - appreciate all of it as I stumble through this stuff called CrossFit. Really enjoying it.

Anyhow, was reading about Olympic weightlifting shoes and came across a pair I liked the look of. But I was told they were out of production but that they had some options, including doing custom designed shoes - yes, two different colors and you can have your logo embroidered onto them. I thought this might be cool to share with y'all. Volume discount too for group orders. (w/f/s)

Here is what Gwen wrote back to me:

The base model is choice of two colors in the upper, one strap, and name
embroidered on strap.

A full logo is about $10 more. And, we do offer group discounts- e.g., a few
pairs of custom shoes for their team or gym with their logo embroidered on it.

For a specific example, we can do 2 straps, a full logo, custom heel, custom
color for $150.

Check out the custom designs on her blog. Some cool stuff. I'm digging the single strap versions, maybe all black with some yellow accenting - like the Rugby Green one but change the green to black. Hmm... I think the single strap is cheaper too - I will follow up.

Seems like it is a reasonable price for a custom shoe. I'm not affiliated in any way with this product - just wanted to share.

Thanks again for all the info on this site.

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