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Re: New to CF, need some advise

Awesome advice thank you! I think the storage unit would be a good idea if I did not have any other choice. But I also find it that I am deployed 6 months out of the year, and paying for a space is a waste of money.

I have an Olympic bar that I got used for $10 before I left, its actually in great condition though. So i need bumpers and plates for it.

On the KB, is 16kg high for a beginner? I have never lifted weights or anything like that before. Or at least for the past 10 years.

Just wondering, if you think 16kg is good to start then thats what I will get.

For now I will just work out at home. Ill keep the Olympic bar in my porch storage shed and break it out when the WOD calls for it.

When I get home my plan will be to do the WOD to the best of my ability. Some exercises I will not be able to do because of my home limitations, but I plan on doing what I can.
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