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Re: Exercise Associated Hyponatremic Encephalopathy, Gatorade and the ACSM

On August 6th Zyrees Oliver, a 17-year old with a 3.8 GPA, attended high school football practice in the 90-degree Georgia summer heat. Five days later, he died in the hospital.

But it wasn’t the heat that got him.

During practice, Zyrees complained of cramps. His aunt Dr. Tammy Chavis reports that he drank approximately 2 gallons of water, and two gallons of Gatorade. It’s not clear if his excessive drinking preceded or followed the cramps.

I am not sure if anyone precisely measured Zyrees’ fluid consumption, so take that 4 gallon figure with a healthy dose of electrolytes. And as of right now we don’t know the full story behind Zyrees’ death. Perhaps something in addition to over-hydration played a role. When the autopsy comes out, we’ll know more.

Nonetheless, the press reports that “Relatives said doctors told them Oliver suffered massive swelling around the brain from overhydration.” They also indicated that he had water intoxication (over-hydration). In other words, it sounds like Zyrees died from exercise associated hyponatremic encephalopathy (EAHE).

For more please visit: (link is w/f safe)
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