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Re: Is Rich Froning the next Lance Armstrong?

Originally Posted by Steven Wingo View Post
I would add this statement:

if you're goal is to be better at Crossfit. Otherwise, Crossfit will never produce what Dan Green produces. It will never create a Malanichev, Konstantinov, Ilyin, Dimas, Bolt, Chrissie Wellington, Yohan Blake, Michael Phelps, David Rudisha and I could go on and on...however, if you are any of these folks then using CrossFit methodology as your cross-training/base strength and conditioning program will allow you to reach levels you would not otherwise obtain without incorporating a quality cross-training program into your training regimen
To clarify, are you saying that implementing a CrossFit style programme will make greater improvements than his current S&C programme? Of which you have no information on?
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