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Re: Is Rich Froning the next Lance Armstrong?

There is a difference between cycling and CrossFit. Cyclists train in a way which is known to deplete beneficial hormone levels--chronic cardio (and in a serious way with 6+ hour days on the bike day in and day out for the highest level cyclists). Chronic cardio causes your testosterone and HgH levels to decline.

In CrossFit, one of Greg Glassman's fundamental theories--backed by good evidence--is that you train in a way designed to naturally increase levels of testosterone and HgH. The short duration, high intensity workouts (sometimes with heavy loads or involving sprints or other all out efforts) are favored specifically because they promote a natural and desirable neuroendocrine response.

Why do we squat heavy? One reason is it is so great in eliciting that desirable neuroendocrine response.

Having been a former runner and then cyclist, now turned CrossFit disciple, I'm a firm believer that CrossFit methodology is superior and just flat out works. It is a superior way to train. That doesn't mean there are no athletes at Regionals and the Games using PEDs, which would seem hard to believe given what we see in other sports, but maybe, just maybe, the CrossFit way of training is allowing athletes to reach higher levels of gains because it in fact works.
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