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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Originally Posted by Vic McQuaide View Post
Holding up good. Knee and shoulder needing more and more attention. But I am giving it.

Expectations- just do my best, train thru the open, one and done, be happy with my score no matter what it is, don't check the leader board so much, have fun, hula-hoop some. Goal was top 5 but if that doesn't happen then that will have to be fine also.

Perfect workout- don't think that its coming. But if it did it would involve a bunch of Dubs and hand stand walking. But I am happy that I have less and less defined wheel house workouts. But I do have a few non loved workouts if they came up. But that would allow me to frame my weakness and attack them and turn them into good exercises and movements. This year was the rope- actually happy to see them in the workouts.

How about you- what do you want to see?

How many sign ups do you think they will have- Last year was 400k.. will it be less or more. I feel with the changes we will have less maybe 20%. I think they underestimated how many people had the dream to make it to regionals.
Hi Vic,

I would like to see some more strict movements for example HSPU, MU's, an increase in the weight slightly as in 18.3 when the OHS were 115lbs/52kgs. This really split the field up in the older age groups as most people can lift 95lbs/43kgs.

More weeks with 2 parts to them otheriwse it will be difficult to split the pack and really have the best at the games. Castro has in the latter years communicated that the best 0.01% reach the games, how will he achieve this with 150 countries going. The old format will not hold up.

320-350 000 this year. So many people have now lost their chance to reach regionals and then the games so i expect quite a few not to even bother with the open. Just getting to regionals for many was their goal and now they are all mixed in with the rest of us.

Will CFHQ add your results from sanctioned events to your profile on the homepage??? if not then a lot of history will be lost.

// Alex
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