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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Tuesday- some minor rehab on the shoulder. Some super mans and hollow rock, glute ham raises, some kb lunges, db clean and jerks, legs only aa bike.
Also did some stretching and rowing. About 1k worth.

Warm up metcon- hs walks and t2b.

5 rounds for time-
30' hs walk
21 t2b- rigs are fat and slippery compared to Dark Side Custom rig

Broke up the t2b early- 6/5/5/5 for sets 1-4 then what ever in the last set.

9:28.. maybe a min less with some better bars and not have to share. Not the best day of t2b.

More shoulder and knee floss after the workout.

Might put myself back on light duty for the right shoulder. We will see how it feels tomorrow. I started back doing the exercises that fixed it last year. Hehe how soon we forget. I also called my shoulder guru and I am trying to get an appointment ASAP.

Going a hike for prayer on Friday- candle light on a popular mountain. Then we are doing Cindy on Saturday. Its a sad situation going on around me. I love all of the individuals that are in pain.

This year has been the test of my past/present and future. I have not been under a microscope this hard in a while. I remember rolling into the Granite Games with my baby and my gym's two pro teams taking on all comers and killing it. Won't be a cake walk but I will survive. Going to workout out med/hard tomorrow, we will see about Friday. Might just turn it into a ghd, reverse ghd, wall ball and bike day at the shop. Then hit it hard on Saturday AM , then Sat PM with my coach at the obstacle coarse. Sunday with Alex, Monday AM and PM, Easy on Tuesday and Wed, off on Thursday then hit 19.1 hard. Just murder it. I will enjoy some super compensation rest prior. That is the plan for the next 9 days.

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