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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Friday morning and feeling a lot better. Both of us slept better which is good. Not much muscle soreness after yesterday even though i did expect to feel it.

Plan - well...... i did not have a plan and did not plan anything. Had an idea in the back of my head which turned out to be core/abs and that was that. From there we made it up as we went.

Warm up
Just 4min on the rower

Só i came up with the idea that we would complete the movements but focus on the vacuum at the same time. The vacuum exercise is an exercise which involves contracting some internal abdominal muscles, primarily the transverse abdominal muscle, and not as much the diaphragm.

5 x 8 reps on each side:
Stability ball - 1 arm db presses 6-9kg for the wife, 12-14 for myself.
Pull the stomach in and hold it whilst completing the exercise. It's hard when you have to hold your balance at the same time as the vacuum.

10 sec on/10 sec off x 10
Sitting V-holds - hold the V and the vaccum. Funny enough it got easier as the rounds progressed as the ab region was getting used to the load.

10 sec on/10 sec off x 10
Plank hold - the rest time was basically used to relax the ab region for 2 seconds and then vacuum before the next round.

5x8 reps/2x10 reps
Medball situps 4/6kg - dig your heels into the floor and really pull with the abs. These are harder when holding a vacuum.

No time or rounds - just go with the flow until we felt we had done enough.
Vacuum while hanging on pull up bar is really good. You can really focus on it and feel how deep the abs actually are. We did numerous rounds from 20-40 seconds.

All that sucking in the gut was great. Once we were done it felt as if the stomach had shrunk but also a lot tighter. The amount of work we did was not actually a lot but all the focus on controling the movements correctly together with the vacuum was great. We both enjoyed it.

Cool down
Upper body stretch for 15min maybe

and then i was off to my chiropractor

calm end to the week, back Monday
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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