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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Thursday morning and we were both really tired. No soreness at all just worn out. Might have been good to take a day off but i will plan to have fun tomorrow instead.

Plan - Repeat

Warm up
band work for shoulders
4min on the rower to get the rest of the body warm
warm up for all of the movements to come.

good 35min on this before it was time to go.

We completed the below workout one year ago. It's a really good allrounder and gets the whole body going.

Previous result - 35:51 (8 Feb 2018) exactly 1 year ago.

Partner workout - together complete 14 rounds (alternate between rounds) For time

3 Power snatches 43/15kgs (95/36lbs)
3 DB Thrusters 22/10kgs (49/22lbs)
6 T2B/K2C
6 Push ups
9 KB Goblet squats 24/12kgs (48/26lbs)
9 Ring rows/pulls

Todays result - 28:09

7min 42 seconds faster than 1 year ago.

We started off strong and mid way i thought we would be sub 28min. The last 2 rounds were tough for both of us but i had to split up my T2B and lost more than 10 seconds, thus we just missed the goal. Wife was solid on all her rounds, calm and collected.
In Oct we did a variant of the same workout but the wife went heavier in the snatches and we used a barbell for the thrusters and not DB's, that workout we completed in 28.40. This was easier due to the fact DB's are killer.

Cool Down
lay on our backs for 2min or so to breath and sweat once we were done.
Slowly clear up our crap
general stretch for 20min i would say.

Tough but we enjoyed it today.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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