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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Wednesday morning and oh my oh my oh my... the wife was so tired this morning and i mean really tired. If she had her way she would have stayed in bed for another hour or so. I was feeling fine, little sore here and there but nothing special otherwise.

Plan for today = 4 x 15

Warm up
running warm up for 10min
light stretch and mobility

made sure we had a light sweat before we started.

4 x 15min
So the plan is bike, run, ski and row today. 15min on each at a nice even pace. We had our own goals for each part without telling the other prior to starting, we would tell each other once each part was completed. Our rest was when we shifted from one machine to the next and changed floor for the two final parts.

Bike - 5390 meters
Run - 2370 meters
Ski - 2408 meters
Row - 3062 meters

Total = 13 230 meters

Bike - 6650 meters
Run - 2370 meters
Ski - 3329 meters
Row - 3560 meters

Total = 15 909 meters

Very impressed with the wife today considering she was so tired. She's a trooper and kept on going. She has a strong mind when it is tough. She has started to realize just how good she is at things, a lot of the women in the gym are very impressed with what they see her do.

As for myself things went really well apart for the run, about 8min in i started to feel my left knee and at 9min i had to reduce speed and walked. I walked for 4min to where i had no more pain and was feeling ok. So during the time i was walking the wife started to catch up and even passed me. I was not going to let that happen so the final 2 mins i caught up and deliberately kept the same pace as her so that we came in at the same distance . I'm not going to let her win but i won't take the glory from her .

Cool down
A lot of sweating and then a general stretch for 15min i would say.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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