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George I second what Thomas said about the chin-up/dip station unit. I have one myself. If you have no alternative then get one, but be warned, you can't kip or go hard on one of these things properly. The number of times i've nearly flipped mine trying... lol. Mostly though I find it all cramped up and it throws off your rhythm. It's good for strict-strict pull ups of a few varieties, leg raises, knees to elbows, L-sits and dips (credit where credit is due) but that is about it. I'm glad I have it because I dont have an alternative for chin ups, but I'd love a seperate bar somewhere so I can go harder. I have Elite Rings too which are awesome.

Generally speaking though, if it was me and I was planning my new gym I'd be looking at what my core needs are, where the core equipment and exercises need to go, and go from there. The things that can be anywhere can fill in the gaps.
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