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George, your situation is very similar to mine in that we both have 10 x 10 & unfinished ceilings(which are your friend in this effort).

You are correct in that you cannot establish support past 8 feet because this will compromise the support of your roofing but you should not need any support above this.

Drop the idea of the power tower(chinup/dip station) and make yourself a pullup bar from the 1" or 1.25" steel pipe you find at Home Depot/Lowe's. That apparatus will take up far too much of that little space. There are two methods to created a rafter pullup bar:
1) take your pull-up bar portion(5' long) and add a t-connector to each end. From each of the 4 openings you will want to attached a piece of steel pipe of the same diameter roughly 1/2 of 2" less than the gap between the rafters(you can also use a shorter piece on one side and a longer on the other to give yourself more headroom if needed). On each of the 4 remaining threaded ends attach a flange, then secure each flange to the opposing rafters. The whole setup will look like an elongated 'H' roughly 5' long.
2) You can create and apparatus using 90 degree elbows and short pieces of piping on each end of the 5' section that will slide over a rafter. Each apparatus on each end of the 5' bar will look like a 'U'. Make sure that the back side vertical piece is just long enough to clear the underside of the beam so that you can attach another 90 degree elbow facing back towards the pullup bar, once you have hung the bar, to prevent "jumping" of the unit.

You will have sufficient height for the rings, just be careful about banging your head into a rafter. I can do pullups, holds & dips with my 8' ceiling but I would imagine MU's would end up in a banged head if I could do them.
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