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Re: CF Malaysia.. finally!


my team won the Quarter Final game by 30pts, despite having 3 of our starters out of action (yours truly included). Our shooting guard had 13 3pt shot made, so that kinda helped.

the SemiFinal game is this Sunday, against a young & very athletic team but we're confident we'll pull through. I think we should have all our main guys for this one, myself included.

as for myself, been busy with work but i try to drop by the local court to shoot some hoops, just to keep myself ready for the game this weekend. i'm still avoiding the gym though.

significant muscle loss on the upper body, but bodyweight still at 142#. Diet has been on and off, there are days that i just couldnt care less what goes into my mouth but some days i keep it rather good. Being almost sedentary means i'm not starving most of the time, and even eating 2 meals a day feels more than sufficient to get me running all day.
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