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Re: Plan B, C, ect...

Well if you want to talk about nonsense and careers.... many moons ago I attended college as a photography major left there to work in a factory where I thought I would work forever but the Reagan Recession ended that dream and I became a prison guard and that will end in about eleven months when I retire . What's next? A few years ago I went on nights (need a sleeping smilie here) and started a lawn installation/landscaping business but my wife didn't like me not home so I went back on days and put the lawn work on hold. Last month she said something about me getting my chipped front teeth capped before I retire and reminded me I'd said I might get a hair transplant (her idea. I assume a former boyfriend had long hair) when I retire. I said, "If I'm doing all that I might's well become a male model." I was kidding but she said sure, the local colleges, seven of them, need models for art classes. Next week, sans dental work, hair and clothes, I have my first jig as a model at a figure drawing class.
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