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Re: MindBody or Zenplanner??

Just had another great experience with MBO. I was led there after reading Nicki Violetti's blog years ago, and they continue to impress. Just had a very complex ACH/autodebit issue solved in about 30 seconds, through online chat. Very convenient. Well worth the monthly fee (we run 2 facilities without a receptionist, including 5 trainers, CrossFit, a RMT, and gym memberships.) I'm convinced that the system more than pays for itself, because I can link right from our online marketing efforts to our billing system, and people can sign up and pay with just a few clicks. We also use it for some local events to offer online registration, and users are given a chance to sign up for our newsletter. Most do. By offering to collect registrations for events run by others, it helps them out, and we've gained about 1,000 newsletter readers in the last 2 months (MBO integrates with Constant Contact.)
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