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Re: MindBody or Zenplanner??

I went with Zenplanner because of how easy it is to use. I have never used mindbody, but I would say to stay away from Rock Gym Pro.

Rock Gym Pro itself is a good program, but you should be fairly good with computers. I know I ran into a few problems that I definitely caused with entering information because I am not great with computers, but the real reason to stay away from rock gym pro is the processor they've teamed up with. The company is called accelerated payments, but the bill comes under a different name and the credit card statement has a third different one. When I was setting up they were very nice and helped with everything and answered all my calls. The second they had me signed up, they stopped returning any of my calls. I called about a minimum 15 dollar fee they throw on every month (even though they brag about only charging 10 dollars in flat fees). I never got a return call and called them back a few times for the same reason and for other questions. Finally after 2 months of no return calls, I called to see about dropping them because I couldn't even get a return call. I finally got a call back and it turns out I got put into a 3 year deal with them (which was never mentioned). It's a lesson learned for me to have someone look over even the simplest contracts now, but this company is the definition of shady. I would have had to pay a lump sum to get out, one that was bigger then the minimum fees all added up over the years, which makes no sense, so I am stuck with them even though they are completely awful.

I ended up going with Zenplanner and Capital Payments, and both have worked great for me. The system pretty much self automates itself, which has made collecting payments easier then ever.
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