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I'm a beginner O lifter myself so what would be best is to either get a coach or post a video for some feedback from the experts.

However, by the time the bar is passing your elbows you should be getting under the bar. Look at this guy

Basically the impetus of your legs and trap shrug carries the bar up to a level where you just get underneath it. Your arms are just there to connect you to the bar. So, no, you shouldn't be feeling it in your elbows and arms. Kono says you can tell the O lifters with poor technique because their tris and bis are pumped up. Look at the lifter I posted -- fit but hardly a monster -- then think about the sort of weight he's heaving over his head. More than 2x his bodyweight.

But this is really hard to explain and to understand in writing. Need someone to demo it.

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