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Re: Pectoral rupture

Originally Posted by Glenn Pendlay View Post

I tore my right pec years ago. It was late at night at the Wichita Falls Athletic Club, around 11 or 12pm as I remember, I think Rip and I were the only ones there... anyway, I was trying to do this thing that we used to call a "candlestick" although I have no idea why. Basically you lay on a flat bench, grab the bench above your head with both hands, then lift your whole body off the bench except your shoulderblades... you try to go up and down like that, body straight and only the shoulder blades touching, and go from body pointing as straight up in the air as possible to body almost parallel with the bench without touching... pretty tough, for me at least, probably partially because I was over 300lbs at the time.

Anyway, I heard a "pop" and felt some pain, and sat up on the bench, and felt my pec, and noticed that there was a large "hollow" place right in the belly of the muscle, while there was a bulge of tissue near both the origin and insertion. So I knew I had torn most of it in half. Not having health insurance, I never got it fixed. It wasnt as painful as I would have thought, in fact, the next morning at 10am I actually snatched 303lbs, although I couldnt have bench pressed 100lbs, and the snatch did hurt a lot. I was basically able to continue training the olympic lifts with little or no interuption, but was never able to bench heavy again. I think the most I ever did after that was maybe 225lbs for a set of 10, not to good for someone who had done 315 for a set of 19 reps previously. Plus it always did hurt, still does, if I tried to do any direct chest work, like bench press or dumbell bench press.

This probably has little relevance to your experience, since you plan to have your fixed... but, thats my experience.

Hey Glen wat's up!I read that u have ruptured u pectoral and not have a surgery!Well i also ruptured and now have been 4 months.The doctors didn't know the diagnose.I have done echos but nothing seens there.I ruptured in a motorcycle accident.First 2 weeks i couldn even raise my arm(like in flat fly movement).A big hematoma was in my biceps purple,blue and yellow.Now i have no hematoma cuz i had trauma in my chest.After 6 weeks i start training again.I couldnt do any dumdells or bench press so i moved to incline smith machine press(started from 100lbs than moved up to 200lbs 8 reps,before 287lbsx10 reps)In bench press i have done 287lbsx22 reps and now nothing),seated machine press,pullovers and then some fly.Started with 5lbs up to 25lbs but my right pecs get tired fast in flyes.I trained about 7 weeks and feel good go heavy in every exercise accept chin up(discomfort,pain)bench press and flyes.My arms were back at 57cm or 22.something inch.Now i have 2 months im not training.Deppresed cuz i had to a suregon and he told me that there is ruptured cuz i have this scar this big hole and he couldnt do anything cuz have passed like 4 months from the injury.So anything would help me cuz u have been thru the same thing and u know how it feels.If u give me advice what to do.Im 21 and got second in 2008 strongestman in my country.If u have some photos of u chest so i can compare to mine(how bad rupture is or i can send u some photos and u tell me what u think.My e-mail adress is or would help me.Have u a great time.
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