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Re: Pectoral rupture

Hey Glen wat's up!I read that u have ruptured u pectoral and not have a surgery!Well i also ruptured and now have been 4 months.The doctors didn't know the diagnose.I have done echos but nothing seens there.I ruptured in a motorcycle accident.First 2 weeks i couldn even raise my arm(like in flat fly movement).A big hematoma was in my biceps purple,blue and yellow.Now i have no hematoma cuz i had trauma in my chest.After 6 weeks i start training again.I couldnt do any dumdells or bench press so i moved to incline smith machine press(started from 100lbs than moved up to 200lbs 8 reps,before 287lbsx10 reps)In bench press i have done 287lbsx22 reps and now nothing),seated machine press,pullovers and then some fly.Started with 5lbs up to 25lbs but my right pecs get tired fast in flyes.I trained about 7 weeks and feel good go heavy in every exercise accept chin up(discomfort,pain)bench press and flyes.My arms were back at 57cm or 22.something inch.Now i have 2 months im not training.Deppresed cuz i had to a suregon and he told me that there is ruptured cuz i have this scar this big hole and he couldnt do anything cuz have passed like 4 months from the injury.So anything would help me cuz u have been thru the same thing and u know how it feels.If u give me advice what to do.Im 21 and got second in 2008 strongestman in my country.If u have some photos of u chest so i can compare to mine(how bad rupture is or i can send u some photos and u tell me what u think.My e-mail adress is or would help me.Have u a great time.
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