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Re: Krav Maga

Give Krav a go, you'll almost certainly find it great fun and probbaly pretty informative. I came to it from judo and while the throws in the early stages are a bit bone if you already know something about it all the striking stuff I found fascinating.

While what Stephen Wakefoose said is true about martial arts the corrolation between krav and what I've seen of the blauer videos is very close. If anything krav benefirts from having been around for longer and having been used by more people. It's a great system that works with your natural reactions (do a search on youtube and see what I mean, or just go to an intro class; almost the first thing they teach you is breaking a choke that builds entirely on your reaction to grab for the wrists). Plus if you can do krav on your doorstep why go all the way to kent for spear?
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