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Exclamation Re: sleep apnea?

Originally Posted by Robert D Taylor Jr View Post
I had a sleep study done. I walked around the Naval Hospital like I had a bomb vest on wore it overnight at home and brought it back. What I'm supposed to do is wear a CPAP, but since I can't sleep with one I use a method I call suffer in silence. So far, I would say it hasn't worked. I intend to get the surgery done soon and I'm considering getting a Power Lung under the theory that if my respiratory system is stronger I will be less apneic.
Robert et al:

I had the same study done, and did quite a bit of research (fortunately, I only have a mild case). You may want to be a little more serious about this, as sleep apnea can have some significant health impacts regardless of physical conditioning - like stroke. I highly recommend you research the surgery (I assume you are talking about Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP - see this link WFS). It seems it's not as successful as some think, and the effects don't always last - a downer since it supposedly hurts like an SOB for quite a while. There are also other solutions out there that don't involve a CPAP (a molded mouth piece that hold the jaw slightly forward to open the airway, can't remember the name). Be smart and educate yourself. Doctors generally mean well, but the M.D. at the end doesn;t equate to "all-knowing" and in the end, it's your health. No one will care about it as much as you.

Anyways, hope everyone finds this helpful.
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