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Re: Building a lifting platform soon - any suggestions?

Thanks for all the help guys!

I think I'll go ahead with the plans and omit the glue between the plywood and also omit the contact cement on the rubber mats - This will allow me to take the screws back out and disassemble the platform when it comes time to move. Besides, I've never done any olympic lifts and I'm only 130lbs so the weights/impact/etc will be very low for a long time.

As far as the materials, I went to my local Home Depot and Lowes and found the following:

all materials for for a 4' x 8' sheet.

Home Depot
23/32" (3/4") Particle Board $17.88
3/4" Cabinet Grade hardwood plywood $24.88
23/32 CDX Plywood $32.97

23/32" (3/4") Particle Board $17.88 (same price)
23/32" BC Pine ULX Exterior Plywood 29.88
23/32" Sheathing Plywood $22.88

Both places also carried Oak, Maple, and Birch 3/4" hardwood plywood for around $47/sheet.

The original plans call for the 2 lower levels to be made of CDX plywood, which I believe is an exterior rated plywood. Home Depot sells CDX plywood for $32.97/sheet, and Lowes has some thats called BC Pine ULX Exterior Plywood; judging by what I read on the little information card, I would assume it would be find as well, its also $3 cheaper per sheet. As far as the top surface, I've seen pictures of people who've used plywood, hardwood flooring, particle board, etc. Part of me wants to buy a nice sheet of hardwood plywood and put some Polyurethane for Flooring on it and make it all nice and pretty. The other part of me says that the whole thing is going to get taken apart in a year or so and gonna get banged up in moving, etc and just go with the cheap particle board for $18/sheet and call it a day.

So for the 4 sheets of CDX plywood, I'm looking at $132
Cheapest top layer would be the particle board at $18
A box of screws (I like the DeckMate ones) for $7

The 3/4" x 2' x 8' rubber mats were $40 each plus shipping. I thought about going with the 4'x6' stall mats from TSC, but I've heard they stink really really bad and they're a real pain in the butt to cut; also to make the platform 8x8, I'd have to have a seam on both sides and that'd probably bug me every time I walked past it.

I'm still trying to decide where exactly in the garage this platform is going to go and once I have a better idea, I'll get some more precise measurements on the slope and see if its really going to be an issue and deal with it accordingly.

Thanks for all the help guys!
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